Why Vanadium

Who Makes It

Types of Production

Global Vanadium Producers (2018)

Source: RBC Research. Note: 2018 Estimated V production. Weight conversion for V to V2O5 is V weight multiplied by 1.79.

Public Primary Producers

Market Cap (Oct 30-2019): US$560M
Main Asset Location: Bahia State, Brazil
Main Asset Name: Maracas Menchen
Production Size: ~10ktpa V2O5 through June 2019, 12ktpa V2O5 once expansion is completed in 2H/19
Main Asset Resource: 404kt V2O5
Main Asset Resource Grade: 1.0% V2O5

Market Cap (Oct 30-2019): US$330M
Main Asset Location: South Africa
Main Asset Name: Vametco
Production Size: ~4.6kt V2O5
Main Asset Resource: 1,284kt V2O5
Main Asset Resource Grade: 0.8% V2O5

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