Sustainable Development Policy

Strategic Resources Inc. (“Strategic”) is committed to the sustainable development of mineral resources through responsible exploration and development practices.  We will conduct these activities in accordance with recognized international standards, the best management practices of the international mineral exploration industry, and the applicable laws and regulations.  We will respect the human rights, interests, traditions, and cultural values of the local communities and indigenous peoples. We will prevent, minimize, and/or mitigate potentially negative impacts to the environment, human health and safety, as well as seek opportunities for creating enduring economic benefits for societal groups and communities that are directly affected by our operations.  

In keeping with these commitments, we will:                                                      

  • Foster a corporate culture that emphasizes ethical business standards and demands honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability from all company employees and contractors;
  • Involve affected communities and stakeholders through ongoing participation and consultation, based on a commitment to mutual respect and the potential for creation of enduring benefits;
  • Manage environmental, health and safety, and other social risks and challenges in a proactive manner, through the preparation and implementation of measures commensurate with our activities;
  • Work together with local communities to advance their social and economic development; and,
  • Implement initiatives to sustain or improve the health and safety of our workforce, our contractors, and local communities.

Strategic will also establish complementary Community Relations and Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies as structural frameworks within which we will manage the social, environmental, health, and safety aspects of our operations.

This policy will apply to all of Strategic’s employees and contractors, and its implementation will be the responsibility of the General Manager.  It shall be communicated to all of Strategic’s personnel, contractors, and external stakeholders.

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